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Family Life Radio's Midland, MI station at 99.7 takes Lutheran Hour from program line-up

It was late Sunday afternoon and I waited for two of my favorite programs to come on Family Life's Midland, MI station, WUGN-FM, 99.7.  The programs are:

  1. The Lutheran Hour
  2. Unshackled from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago
I waited and waited and they didn't come on.  With an e-mail inquiry, I found that station manager Peter Brooks decided to take them off.  There was an allusion to perhaps not having a big enough audience.

As a listener to Family Life Radio and as a financial supporter, I am disappointed in their action to remove these programs.

It makes me wonder if this Christian radio network run from Tuscon, AZ is taking a different theological turn.  I remember when the station founder Warren Bolthouse would denounce denominations that differed from his view about baptism and communion.  Those would be Lutheran and Roman Catholic and a couple of others.

Then with the leadership of Dr. Randy Carlson, there seemed to be a spirit of ecumenism without compromising the main message.  Perhaps, it's swinging back the other way.

Are their enough Christians in the blogosphere to let Brooks and Carlson know that such moves would narrow their listening audience and their base of support?

E-mail response can be made to the Midland station and to the FLR corporate offices in Tuscon.

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