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Former MI Gov. William Milliken brings back memories with PBS interview

Tim Skubick's interview with former Michigan Gov. William G. Milliken is worth listening to.  I stumbled on the video version last night while channel surfing.  Why do I mention this?

The former governor establishes a baseline for attitude and behavior on the part of a public official.  These days it's too easy to feel nauseated by how political candidates play slash and burn with the truth and how they show a stunning lack of respect for different ideas.

Gov. Milliken was a true leader.  He had a set of core values that drove him, but he still respected other points of view.  He was a true listener and he always seemed truly interested in those he was talking to.

Both candidates for Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm and Dick Devos, need to take a lesson from this man.  We are moving into a campaign period where more and more people will be potentially sickened by their poison attitudes towards each other. 

Can you win political office without being nasty?  Is the office worth it if you have to lower your standards of behavior and the level of respect in our ailing culture?

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