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Michigan's two candidates for governor, the incumbent Gov. Jennifer Granholm and challenger Dick Devos keep playing a violin with one string.  It's always about the ever-important subject of jobs and getting more.  Okay, that's important, but there are other items of concern.

Paying for a college education is another.  For either candidate that will probably not be a problem for their children.  But for thousands of others in the Great Lakes state, it's almost an insurmountable problem.

Take these stats:  A recent Fox special told how the price of a public four-year college education increased by more then 500 % from 1981 to 2003.  All other consumer prices rose by 140 %  in that same period.

It's time that we heard some real discussion from our political candidates, rather than this finger-pointing and bloviating that's calculated by political consultants with survey research in hand.

The people need to take back their government and demand more from those running for office.

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