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How does "Snakes on a Plane" add meaning to the life of our culture?

As a baby boomer with a little bit of age, I know I need to be a better guardian of what goes into my head and my heart.  That's why I checked the review done by Focus on the Family of the new movie, Snakes On a Plane.

Now most of my liberal friends will hold up their noses at Dr. James Dobson and his ministry but I respect his organization, even though I don't always agree with what he says. 

That's why I was stunned to see the review of this movie.  It seemed to be more balanced and more factual than any news story in the New York Times or Washington Post, our nation's guardians of truth.  It presents the movie in a very straightforward sort of way.

What about language in the movie.  Review says about 30 uses of the f-word.  "It's combined with 'mother' and it's also used in song lyrics.  Characters take God's or Jesus' name in vain 15 times."

Yeah, this is important.  I don't want to 'dis' my God.  The review also describes sexual content.  And violence.

I think this is a movie I can do without.  It has no value.  I'll take the review's word on it.

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