ACD in Lansing, Michigan: Help, we need our DSL back!
My report on turning 60 years old

If Michigan is tops in e-government, what are rest of states like?

Local television news in Lansing has been touting an award that Gov. Jennifer Granholm is taking credit for making Michigan's e-government website the best in the country.  I agree with Confessions of An Undercover Geek that something's wrong with that conclusion.

Is this more political campaign hoo-ha where a candidate takes credit for everything from the sun coming up to home team home runs at Tiger Stadium? 

As with the Undercover Geek, I will probably comment more on this down the line.

By the way, let me state loudly, clearly and with full disclosure that the Undercover Geek is my son, Justin.  He knows his stuff and his conclusions about the state website are worthy of response and discussion by state officials and others.

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