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Michigan needs a state dog

SnoopyGo look at all the bills introduced by Michigan legislators and see if you can find any that border on the edge of incredulity.  My guess is you can find plenty.

My suggestion for any state lawmaker with a little bit of game:  How about a state dog?  We have a state flower, rock, probably a song and who knows what else.

I do represent a special interest in this area, the Beagles.  We have one.  Like most people in Michigan, they immigrated from some place else.  Just look at the ethnic and cultural mixes in our state.  I believe the Beagle originally came from Great Britain.  Our Beagle is incredibly smart, very focused and very loyal.  She never complains about the weather and loves the outdoors, as well as being indoors where she's sprawled out on her favorite afghan.  She listens, but she still has a mind of her own.

What about state dogs for other states?  New York?  Indiana?  The others?