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Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren: Has it made any difference?

I've read Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life from cover-to-cover a couple of times.  After it was published, I saw people take armloads of the book out of Sam's Club for gifts and small groups.  And in the prison where I've volunteered, I've seen packed small groups of inmates studying the content of the book.

Still I'm not clear if the book has made any difference in the lives of individuals.

In my circle, most of my friends have read it at some point.  It may have been part of a 40-Days of Purpose in their church.  They may have picked it up in an airport or gotten it  as a gift.

But, I still wonder if the book brought individuals any closer to lining their lives up with God's purpose for them. 

Are there any anecdotes out there?

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