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ByrumI'm trying to figure who to vote for in my state house district in Michigan.  I've looked at the website of the Republican candidate in the 67th District, Don Vickers, and I'm not impressed, even though I've been a Republican most of my adult life.

Now look at the website of his opponent, Barb Byrum, whose mom has been a long time member of the Michigan Senate and now House. 

I don't have any hangups about a daughter trying to follow in mom's footsteps.  But, the daughter still has to sell herself.  And, I ask has Barb done that with her website and her blog? 

She's young.  She's an attorney and whatever else.  A big part of a state rep's job is educating the constituency.  Look at her site and ask what you need to know about her to vote for her.

Because the Republicans seem to have given up on this district, Barb will win I'm sure.  But, who is she?  What are her values?  How does she make decsions?  Does she listen?  Can she learn?  Can she influence other people? 

I hope her web site doesn't do her justice, because if it does, then the voters are being cheated.

The Michigan Democratic Party needs to help its candidates more with new technologies and show them how to communicate an effective message.  Barb Byrum hasn't done that, nor has her opponent.