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Does General Motors need the federal government to bail it out?

Our governor, Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat running for reelection, is all lathered up about getting  President George Bush to sit down with the heads of our domestic car makers to talk about their problems.  She says it's a must-do item and right away for President Bush.

Her demands for the meeting raise the question of whether the feds should bail out our ailing car companies.  They did it for Chrysler when that company bottomed out.

Is it time for the feds to move in and make everything better for our ailing auto industry?  Or should they let market forces regulate what happens.  Here's what Rick Wagoner, the CEO of GM, says about the meeting and the feds role in their recovery:


Ultimately, Wagoner said, it's up to businesses to take care
of their own problems. And GM has been busy trying to straighten those out this year.