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I hope that Nolan Finley, Detroit News columnist, never becomes a journalism school dean

When I read the Detroit News today online, I got a reminder about why I'm glad my kids never followed in my footsteps and went into journalism.

The cold blast of contemporary reality came from Nolan Finley, a Detroit News, columnist, who teed off on Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick Devos for having principles and for not being afraid to talk about them.

When Devos responded to a reporter's question about the teaching of intelligent design in public schools, he responded by saying he favored teaching it as a counter-balance to the teaching of the theory of evolution.

Intelligent design theory posits that there was some thinking and that there was some higher force responsible for the creation and operation of the earth.

Finley goes ballistic about the fears that Devos has a social agenda, especially as it relates to abortion, gay marriage and such issues.  The only issue worth any value is the economy, he says.  Then he makes a statement about the role of chief executives in state government:

But chief executives are about matters of business, not pressing social agendas.

Since when doesn't a leader get involved in pressing social agendas?  What about domestic violence?  What about child abuse and neglect?  What about polygamy?  What about affirmative action?  What about slavery?

Finley epitomizes the kind of arrogant put down of anybody who believes in God and who has values and principles that guide his or her life.  He writes more like a  political consultant, than a journalist.

Mainstream media is becoming less and less relevant.  Newspapers no longer seem to share a worldview other than cheap and crass secularism and relativism.

As a former newspaper reporter and as a graduate of a renowned journalism school, I can see where newspapers play less and less of a role in informing people.  They are too unbalanced.

It's time for citizen journalism to be developed and nurtured.  Many times, you can find more news in blogs than traditional news outlets.

Nolan Finley certainly proves that.  It's time for the Detroit News to take stock of its declining reputation as a beacon for truth and information.

The consequences of not doing it are high as they move closer and closer to extinction.

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