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Is West Michigan looking forward to the coming real soon of Asian carp?

Somewhere in my last 300 posts on this blog, I mentioned that I used to work as a legislative staffer.  My last boss, a former state lawmaker from Port Huron, held an international telephone conference call on the Asian carp problem heading towards Lake Michigan.

Before you click away, stay with me because this affects just about everybody in Michigan and around the Greak Lakes.

These monster carp who fly out of the water have been making their way up the Mississippi, round the bend near Illinois and are close to Lake Michigan.  According to the Detroit Free Press this morning, most experts warn that the Great Lakes will become giant carp ponds and other species like salmon will be starved out of existence.

This would be another major blow to our already stressed economy. 

Politicians in Washington have dropped the ball on what to do next.  This certainly ranks with the Canadian trash being hauled into Michigan and might even be more serious.

Just think, going fishing in Lake Michigan would be an outdoor version of Snakes on a Plane.

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