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My report on turning 60 years old

Img_0018_1 Yesterday, I crossed the dreaded rubicon that many baby boomers are facing this year.  I had my 60th birthday.

For the past year, I would allow myself moments where I felt beguiled by the fact that in 10 years I will be 70, an age when the serious  senior citizen discounts kick-in.

I've tried to give serious thought to how I want to spend the next chapter of my life.  And, part of that effort forced me to take a close look at where I want to concentrate my energies.  I'll talk more about that part later.

But, here's the skinny about turning 60.  It's good.  It's really no different than before.  I don't pee more during the middle of the night.  My right ankle and left knee can hurt, but it has done that for several years.  Nobody has offered to take my arm while going down steps because I look so old.

The rubicon that I crossed was mental and I know it involves how I see myself.

Helping to soften that landing to the next decade were some very special people:


  • My wife, Gladys, who is very special.  If I ever have any smattering of a doubt about the existence of God, I look at her.  She's a gift from God.  She's heaven-sent.  She's always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. 
  • My kids, Krista and Justin.  They are similar in many ways, but different in others.  They are now adults and with my wife, they make great co-conspirators in planning a surpise birthday party.
  • My friends from church.  My attitude about church at many points has been "an attitude" and I've shared that at times with aplomb.  Still, they like me.

Yup, they had a surprise birthday party.  It was my first and I couldn't imagine a better one.  My son, Justin, and I spent the day together.  Nothing unusual about that.  We made the obligatory visit to Beaners to user their wi-fi.  Then CompUSA where we oogled the new Apple Mac Pro and then to World Market.  Then there was a lunch at the House of Ingcredible or something like that and then an afternoon movie.

What did we see?  Snakes on a Plane!  I read the review from Plugged In.  I know how many f-words combined with mother that are spoken in the movie, but it was entertaining in an almost positive sort of way.  It was like a reality show on steroids.  People were having a really bad day on that plane.

Then it was supper with Justin and my wife at Panera Bread.  Nothing unusual about that and then we headed for home.

I opened the door and saw my daughter, Krista, who slipped home from out-of-state and a whole bunch of friends from church.  I was incredulous.  I needed a shot of friends and I got it.  It feels great to know people care.

I appreciate all the work and love my family used to put together this party.  They brought conspiracy to an extremely high and loving level.

My goal is to return it, to pay it forward.  I know these people were sharing love they had experienced from Jesus Christ.  They were responding to that.  It was real His love, our response. 

Thank-you.  My heart feels different today. The 60's shouldn't be feared.  At least, that's my observation on day one of being 60 years old.