Show me where Cal Thomas is wrong about the object of modern politics
I hope that Nolan Finley, Detroit News columnist, never becomes a journalism school dean

Next road trip for Justin and I scheduled for Washington D.C.

My 22-year-old son, Justin, and I have taken a lot of road trips together. We've been to 11 Promise Keepers events together, including Stand in the Gap in Washington D.C. and a rally in Las Vegas.

We've been to all kinds of political events around our state, checked out downtown Chicago while visiting relatives and many more if you count trips with my wife and daughter.

Our next one will be in a few days. He's a recent IT graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and he's been checking out jobs around the country.

He has chosen a job in Washington D.C. and we will go to check out apartments and get ready for the move. I'm really proud of him. I'm one blessed person with two great kids.

My daughter, Krista, and I are talking about writing a book about father-daughter relationships. We would start by opening it to the blogosphere for their comments.

I love being a dad.