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Cuba: What would happen if this nation had free access to the Internet?

The nation of Cuba controls its residents access to the Internet, according to a new report by the group Reporters Without Borders.  Only two percent of its population is online and anybody online illegally faces the possibility of prison.

I wonder what would happen in this country if its citizens had full, unfettered access to the Internet.  What effect would this type of freedom have on the citizens?  Would they demand more from their government?  Are there any Cuban bloggers?

When I was in Cuba in the mid-70s during the short period when Carter gave Americans permission to travel there, I was astounded how friendly the people were.  Everybody had a relative in this country. 

Too bad we can't beam wi-fi off a satellite to this country so close to us.  Free access to information might ease the transitions there when Castro loses power or dies.

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