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I've read the past four our five posts in Dick Devos' blog about his race for governor.  All the posts are signed by him and are about his various campaign stops. 

It's a semi-interesting account of of his various events and the people he has met.  I may have missed similar posts in the past, but these are a sign that he's maybe moving away from posts done by staffers where there's nothing but trash talk about his opponent.

His blog should be a must stop for any Michigan web surfer who will vote in the upcoming election.  People want to see him as an individual.  They want to see what makes him tick.  He looks good in a suit and he has an articulate daughter.

DeVos has to get more than a board of directors to trust him.  He has to get a majority of the voters of the state of Michigan. 

Is he a real guy?  Would he feel at home having supper and a beer with a voter in Allen Park?  What was his biggest challenge raising his kids?  How did he discipline them?  Did he discipline them?  Did he and Betsy rely on nannies?  Has having a lot of money been a blessing or a curse to he and his family?

When you're wealthy, what do you buy your kids for Christmas?  Corvette?  Do you actually go out and buy the gifts or do you have a personal assistant who does that?  Does he have any fear about the Michigan Legislature being an obstacle to what he wants to get done?  How is he going to win them over?  They don't take kindly to being told what to do, even if they from your own party.

Come-on man show us that you're more than a rich suit.

A blog is a perfect way to do it.  He has the resources to do it wi-fi from the road.  And, there's still time.

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