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My vote for Dick Devos should be a given.  I've been Republican all my life.  I firmly believe in the limited role of government in people's lives.  There should be a connect between me and our party's gubernatorial candidate.

There wasn't until last night when I saw one of his latest tv spots.  It features his daughter, Elissa, talking about her dad.  She did more in a few seconds than her dad has been able to do in the whole campaign.

She showed that her dad, our wanna-be governor, has a human side.  I can relate to him through his kids a little.  I have a daughter close his daughter's age.  It shows that he values his role as a father.  Okay, I'm tracking with you.  Now tell me more.

DeVos needs his own blog.  He doesn't need tart-tongued, poison-penned political assistants to write it.  It should be him.  He should be transparent.  He needs to be more than just another smiling face.

Before I vote for him, I want to know what makes this guy tick.  I want his words and not his writer's best efforts which haven't been very good so far.

Maybe his daughter's tv efforts were just eyewash for a corporate titan who is bored and wants a change of scenery.  Maybe DeVos is sincere.  There's more to Michigan than constantly slapping Granholm upside the head.  There has to be more to DeVos than his business experience.

Lift your skirt, Dick, and I mean that figuratively.  Let people see your values, your history, yourself as a real person.  You're losing, but I would like to get excited about you even though the election is just around the corner.

You could write your blog from a wi-fi laptop.  Need help?  Let me know.  Conservatives in the blogosphere can work you through it.  Read Naked Conversations by Scoble and Israel.  It's a quick read.  You can skim it on a ride from Grand Rapids to Detroit.  It shows how you can use your blog as a tool that gains votes and doesn't repel them.

Just my nickels worth.  I want to see more about the real candidates and who they are on both sides.  Anybody agree?

UPDATE:  You can view the DeVos daughter commercial by going to his website and clicking on the link on the bottom left of the homepage.

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