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For World Series games 1 & 2, get to downtown Detroit bars by 10 a.m. to watch on tv

The power of winning baseball can truly be magical.  Take this morning when I went to the local McDonalds.  It's in a racially-mixed part of town and usually whites and blacks respect the self-imposed walls they use to shield themselves from each other.

Not today.  I had old guys and young guys share their enthusiasm for the World Series games in Detroit taking place tomorrow and Sunday.  They were excited.  And skin colors didn't seem to mean a hoot.

Enthusiasm is building for the games.  Detroit Free Press says downtown bars with big screen televisions will be crowded early, like when they open in the morning.  Game starts at 7:30 p.m.  Thats a big wait.  But, I don't think people care.

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