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Gov. Granholm says Michigan is on the right economic track while Ford teeters on edge

Ask just about anybody in Michigan if the state's economy is getting better?

The only one to say that we are on the right track to more jobs and a better future is Gov. Jennifer Granholm who is running for reelection against her challenger Dick Devos.

Granholm is seeing a hope that seems to be written on a vapor that only she can see and nobody else.  Look at today's Detroit Free Press story about Ford and it's huge loss for the quarter.  It's survival seems to be an open question. 

How much difference would a new governor make?  It's probably time to find out.  I've heard nothing from Granholm that she has our state's situation sorted out and that she has a handle on what to do.

Anybody see it differently? 

Today's Lansing State Journal says about Granholm:

She insists she has Michigan on the right course to prosperity, a path
that includes demanding more from high school students, expanding
opportunities for workers to retrain themselves for good-paying jobs
and a $2 billion 21st Century Jobs Fund to invest in high-tech