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U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers: Have you tried to get MI delegation to speak with unified voice

Voters in Michigan need to ask their incumbent Congressman a very important question:

  • Why doesn't our state's Congressional delegation meet to hammer out a common agenda of items needed to strengthen our Michigan's faltering economy?
This question is raised in an online editorial in today's Detroit Free Press.  Michigan has a congressional delegation with seniority and power.  Why don't they use all this clout?

Other state's, according to the editorial, have delegations where Republicans and Democrats meet together and develop a front line that delivers for their state.

Our Congressional delegation seems to have gotten lazy and they seem to be without passion for the district and the state they represent.  It's time to hold their feet to the fire.

Thanks to the Detroit Free Press for raising this point.  U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers who represents our area should explain why this hasn't happened.

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