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Even though it's getting harder and harder to find news in our local newspaper, the Lansing State Journal, my first tendency on Sunday morning is to grab it and scan the headlines and look at the coupons.  Yesterday, I knew I need more.

I went online to the Radio Bible Class' Our Daily Bread devotion for the day where I read a piece about what worship really means.  That's appropriate just before you start getting ready for church.  The writer, Vernon Grounds, shared:

Worship is the experience of being "lost in wonder, love, and praise," as Charles Wesley wrote. It's awe that inspires adoration.

Looking back at my church experience yesterday, I have to ask myself how my worship measured up to Wesley's criteria.  How many times have I been "lost in wonder, love and praise?"  If I'm honest, I'd have to say not many. 

Is Wesley realistic in describing what worship should be?  It seems like people never talk about this.