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Weekend report #2a--A look at Lutheran schools in America

Weekend report #2: Can Lutheran schools survive changing culture?

Yesterday, our church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, celebrated the golden anniversary of its day school where grades run from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.  Former students, teachers and principals returned for the special service.

My experience with Lutheran schools is personal because I attended one for eight years, my wife did and so did my kids.  I've seen and experienced the difference that a Christian education can make. 

However, as our school experiences declining enrollment that doesn't seem to stop, I have to ask myself whether Lutheran schools can survive in an urban or semi-urban environment. 

I don't feel secure in saying yes.  Our church, part of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS), was driven 50 years ago to split off from its mother church by a dream and a passion to start a school.  They saw the vision for their children and worked with passion to see that accomplished.

The culture has changed.  The vision and the passion seems to be a hazy memory.  Other things seem to take precedence.

Go to the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod website homepage and look for any indicator that educating kids is still a priority.  I can't find it.  Am I too pessimistic?  I hope so.  Our kids and grandkids need Christ-centered education now more than ever.