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Weekend report #3--Should every sermon include the gospel?

I listened to a sermon podcast yesterday from the church--the National Community Church in Washington D.C.--where my son has been attending.  My wife listened too and we talked about what Pastor Mark Batterson said, particularly its relevance to our daily lives.

Even though it was long, almost 50 minutes, it was very relevant.  He talked about living out your faith in the drudgery and routiness of your daily life, particularly your job.  I could identify with everything he said.  And, it pumped me up to look at my attitude even though I'm semi-retired.

But, my spouse raised the question about what the sermon was missing.  She said, it included no gospel.  What happens when you fail in having that winning attitude?  Does that mean you are less of a Christian?  Where do you find the power and the guidance to get back on course?  What's our motivation for having the right attitude?

In the Lutheran church, you hear the gospel in every sermon.  Sometimes, I feel it's overused.  It seems on occasion like a rabbits foot that's pulled out to cover a multitude of sins without ever talking about our response as in His Love, Our Response.

Does the gospel need to be in every sermon?