Weekend report #3--Should every sermon include the gospel?
Waiting to pick-up my wife and listening to the post-election chatter in mid-Michigan

Weekend report #4--Was Ricky Holland victim of Michigan's child welfare system?

While I was reading the online Detroit Free Press yesterday morning, I put this story in del.icio.us to read later.  It's about how the state of Michigan's child welfare system seemed to fail Ricky Holland. 

Jack Kresnak reports that state foster care workers failed to document visits to the Holland home for about two years.  What happened?  Will we ever find out?  Will the Michigan Legislature do its job and provide legislative oversight in this area?

There's no indication that the legislature is anything more than a rubber stamp for state executive agencies.  To help the state gain more revenue, perhaps citizens need to consider a part-time, uncameral legislature. 

When it comes to representing citizen interests, the legislature seems to be a paper tiger against the executive branch.

Anybody disagree?