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What happens after Lisa Holland is found guilty of her son's death?

The jury is deciding the fate of Ricky Holland's mother, Lisa, who has been charged with murdering her seven-year-old son.  It's probably a safe bet that she will be convicted and then we move on.

Local television station WLNS summarizes the trial as the jury deliberates.

However, there will be more Ricky Hollands.  There has been a long line of young children murdered in this state, either by their parents or by care providers.  It happened when Gov. John Engler, a Republican, was governor and it has happened under the watch of the Democrats.

The time has come for the Michigan Legislature to step in and start performing some pretty aggressive oversight of the Michigan Department of Human Services and other agencies charged with caring for the well-being of at-risk children.

In case after case, the Michigan Office of Children's Ombudsman has exonerated state workers in any culpability in the outcome of kids who have been abused and neglected and finally murdered.

However, the legislative committees in the Michigan House and Michigan Senate have been unsucessful in getting the state files documenting what was done or not done to protect these children. 

State laws now exist to change that.  They need to act now that the Ricky Holland trial is over.

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