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Counting down towards two full years as a retiree from first class of baby boomers

In January, it will two full years of retirement from my regular day job as a staffer in the Michigan Legislature.

In the next couple weeks, I hope to use my posts to help sort out where I've been the past two years and where I want to go.  I'm not talking about traveling.  I'm talking about where I want to focus my energies.

One thing I've noticed is that my interest in politics has cooled dramatically.  A major contributor could be the ugliness of the past campaign. 

I vividly remember the first time I visited the State Capitol building and gazing in wonder at the chambers for the House of Representatives and the Senate.  I knew I wanted to work there.  And for most of my adult life, I did in a variety of jobs.

My passion was to be part of an effort to make this world a better place to live.  Looking back, I can see that laws and government can do little to change and positively affect human behavior.  There's part of me that misses it.  But, political parties has made democracy a battle for empty labels and not for principle and positive purpose. 

I think I've shed the part of my identity where so much of my life revolved around politics.  I can now just be myself. 

Don't take me wrong, I'm still interested and very concerned.  But, my perspective is that of a private citizen.  I have either found or rediscovered other interests.  More about that later.

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