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My Thanksgiving list: An ongoing list of what I'm thankful for

I have a whole lot to be thankful for.  With Thanksgiving Day, just around the corner, I know I need to be reminded of that.  Here's a list that I will try to keep adding to as the week develops:

  • Jesus Christ:  I know I've struggled with my faith in God.  It's hard to believe in somebody you can't see, you can't listen to their voice and who was involved in creating everything, while you can talk to him anytime you want and he'll listen.  But, I believe.  I know he exists.
  • My wife:  She has a heart that can love unconditionally.  She has shown that to me time and time again.  I know that she's just reflecting the love she feels from Jesus.  I know she's a gift to me from God.
  • My kids:  They have added meaning and purpose to my life in a way that I never knew before.  Again, they are gifts from God. 
  • My family:  Because of my background, I never thought I'd ever be part of a functional family.  But, I have been.  It's an experience and a feeling that cannot be duplicated by anything else.  I fervently pray that my kids can experience the meaning and the purpose that comes from having their own families.
  • Birds:  I hear their noise everytime I take our beagle Snoopy for a walk.  I try to listen for their distinct and separte chirps.  They take me back to Genesis and the creation story.
I will have more as we move closer to celebrating Thanksgiving with our son, Justin, in Arlington, Virginia.  Our daughter, Krista, will also be there.

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