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This morning I thought I might be getting stuck-up at McDonalds on MLK in Lansing, MI

Seven-year-old Maddie Trudel of St. Clair, MI, leaves a powerful legacy after dying of cancer

Cancer is an ugly word for anybody told by a doctor that "you have cancer."  It was for seven-year-old Maddie Trudel of St. Clair, Michigan who died yesterday from a cancer that quickly spread through her young body.

The Detroit Free Press today writes an obituary about her that demonstrates how fragile life can be for the young.  The online version of the Free Press also has a link to an audio-visual telling of her story by her dad with a slide show of pictures taken by the paper.

Paul Trudel, who lost his wife a couple years earlier, faced his daughters death head on.  He was totally honest with her and with himself.  He talks about his faith in God.

I am coming off a great weekend with our two kids.  They are healthy young adults who have graduated from college and have good jobs.  You bet I'm thankful.

And, I know that life's circumstance can turn on a dime.

As move beyond being 60 years old, death is becoming more of a reality in my own life and its making me think more of the next life which I know is real.

I hope the Detroit Free Press keeps this story online for a while, before it pulls it off. 

It should be read by everybody.  We are all going to face death.

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