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Waiting to pick-up my wife and listening to the post-election chatter in mid-Michigan

It's time for me to break my fast from political talk here in the heart of mid-Michigan where Republicans took a historic thumping at the polls.  I'm listening to the chatter as I wait to pick up my teacher-wife. 

People I'm hearing just wanted a change from what has been the Michigan Republican's slash and burn practices against political opposition.  They are tired of it big time. 

I don't hear the working class folks outside my wife's classroom making enthusiastic noise for the Democrats.  They were voting against Republicans and particularly Dick Devos and his constant barrage of smears against Gov. Jennifer Granholm and anybody else who was a Democrat.

They share this with a conviction that I've seldom seen.  They are sick and tired of negative political campaiging.  They wanted a change.

The Democrats in Michigan won because the Republicans gave it to them. 

How did the Michigan Republican Party go so askew?  Could it start with the leadership?  I think the question needs to be examined in the next several weeks.