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YouTube could be history in the state of Michigan because of the state's HB 6456

This morning Google has a full-page ad on the back cover of the Lansing State Journal about a bill being considered in the Michigan Legislature, HB 6456. 

The headline for the ad states:  What's The Best Way To Protect Michigan Consumer and TV Competition?

The bill according to the story purports to promote TV competition and choice.

And, then there's a paragraph about how the bill as written gives big phone and cable TV monopolies the power to control what you can see and do on the Internet.  And that without changes, these companies will be able to block services like YouTube in favor of services they control. 

Readers are urged to call their state senators to amend this House passed bill.  But, it doesn't say any more about the offending parts of the amended bill.

Now, I've worked in a good many legislative offices in our state and I've fielded a couple of tons of calls from constituents responding to ads like this.

They are responding in a knee jerk fashion to an ad that got their attention.  But, they don't know anything about the legislation or what needs to be changed.

Whatever lobbying firm at Michigan's State Capitol was hired by Google needs to advise them to be more specific.

Yeah, I don't want state lawmakers to mess with my ability to get YouTube.  But, Google, the information giant, needs to provide more information.

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