In 2007, will Michigan-based Chrysler move to the edge of the economic abyss
Because of the norovirus at a mid-Michigan nursing home, it's going to be a long Christmas weekend

Here's a great Rachael Ray blog that gives the cooking diva attention she deserves

Mid-Michigan is not a fun place to live right and I imagine that's affecting moods and emotions of many. Michigan State University football team plays like a bunch of pee-wees. Detroit Lions don't even know how to spell w-i-n. And Toyota might soon overtake GM as the world's biggest carmaker. Pretty glum, right?

That could explain the local blog receiving tons of attention and that really trash talks Rachael Ray. Oh, come on guys. We who call the Great Lakes state home need to break this habit.

There needs to be some balance and a young attorney from Sacramento provides some with her blog, Everything Rachael Ray. While my wife and I were sipping coffee, she saw some of the Rachael creations on the blog and said she wanted to see more later.

It's time to let our Food Network friend know that not all Michigan people are Gloomy Gus'.

Thanks to Madeline from EverythingRachaelRay and an invitation to Rachael to come to Lansing to cook for her fans. I bet we could even get our mayor, Virg Bernero, to give her a key to the city.

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