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Just joined Rudy Giuliani's team here in Michigan

I just got an e-mail from Saul Anuzis, Michigan Republican chairman, about Rudy Giuliani setting up his exploratory committee website to run for president. I clicked and I signed up to join his team.

I sat on my hands during the past campaign. I just couldn't get excited about anyone. But, I know that I need to exercise my responsibilities as a citizen in a free society. I like Rudy. But . . .

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On a personal level, I really want to vette this guy. I want to look at him from all angles. So far, I like what I see. Look at how New York City changed when he was mayor. Then look at how he responded to the 9/11 crisis.

He seems to have that New Yorker's honesty that gives you reason to believe him when he says something. And for our government to work, our people need to believe their leaders.

Giuliani's pro-choice. How comfortable am I with that? I don't know. Should that be a litmus test for a Christian looking for a candidate to support? I'm anxious to hear the debate on that issue.

I know he's been to Michigan, but I'd like to hear more about his views on healthcare, job creation and education. Fighting terrorism would have to be on that list too.

I'm anxious to get involved again. I'll really 'kick this guy's tires' and let you know where I come down.

Thanks Saul for sharing the web address for Rudy. Your e-mails are a help in keeping people informed.