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Keep Lansing, Michigan employed buy GMs new GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook or Buick Enclave

Are these new crossover utility vehicles (CUV) being built by GM in the Lansing, MI area finally the economic sunshine that everybody in mid-Michigan has been looking for?

From reading this story in the Detroit Free Press about the new GM plant in Delta Township, just southwest of Lansing, it's hard not to get excited. There seems to be a whole new manufacturing philosophy in the way the plant is run.

Hey, put these vehicles on your Christmas shopping list. They are cutting-edge supposedly and they are built on a car frame, rather than a big truck frame like SUV's:

The Free Press story relates the significant role that GM has played in Lansing over the last century plus:

From 1901 to 2005, auto operations at the site churned out more than 19 million vehicles, believed to be the most made continuously at any one location in the world.

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