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Rick Warren is a heretic parading as a Christian, according to Lutheran radio show

That headline is a pretty harsh statement, right?

But, that seems to be the clear message from a radio program on the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's radio station KFUO. The program, Issues ETC, is hosted by Rev. Todd Wilken who delves into issues of the day using guests who present their take based on LCMS dogma.

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On this Dec. 3 show which I listened to on their podcast, I listened to Wilken interview Chris Rosebrough, a theology graduate of one of the church's colleges, and a Bible teacher at a California church.

The purpose of the program was to get Rosebrough's take on the Purpose Driven Life program, on Rick Warren and on the biblical correctness of the Purpose Driven Life book.

Rosebrough is a self-described Rick Warren watcher and expert on his ministry.

The program was total Warren bashing based on bits and pieces of what Warren said. At one point, he called Warren's teachings heresy, if I recall correctly. His blog, ExtremeTheology, is built on very conservative, brownshirt Lutheran dogma, but distressingly mocks and makes fun of anybody who might believe differently. This is taken to the point of poking fun at their appearance or the way they talk.

Is the Missouri Synod right about Rick Warren and what about the way Rosebrough handles his objections? Do they belong on a Synod-sanctioned radio program?