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Bill Hall of the Cingular, Lansing, MI store has turned us into customer evangelists

I remember the time that my son, Justin, and I, went into another cellphone service provider and were told that Bill Hall had moved across the street to Cingular as the store manager.

We thanked the person who worked for the other company and said we are going with Bill wherever he worked. Sitting in our car in front of his Cingular store, we used our cellphone to cancel service with the old company before we signed up with the new.

The techies can argue over a couple of six packs about coverage and equipment, but, it's the service that seals the deal. And, Bill treats all his customers the same, like each one is special.

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It's a quality that's not found often anymore in the retail establishment. If each Cingular employee is like Bill then, wow.

During the past few years, we have had billing questions, equipment challenges and those other things that can make cellphones a frustration.

My son, my wife, my daughter and me, along with all our friends who have their service through Bill and through Cingular know that they have a friend.

I just witnessed this again this morning. Justin's at a conference in Boston for his work and he lost his new Black Jack in a taxi ride from the airport. Somehow, it slipped out of his pocket. He's extra careful, but it happened.

I called Bill before eight a.m. and he said he would take the steps necessary to protect Justin's account and then work to get him back into the cell loop with a new phone.

I have confidence it will work out with Bill. To the folks at Cingular, you need to take care of this guy. He's an ambassador and face for a big company. He really makes you guys look human and caring.

And, that's good.