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Ford Motor Company is about as close to the edge of the economic abyss as you can get.  Just how close was documented by a story in today's Detroit Free Press saying that Ford had a historic net loss of $12.7 billion last year.

The story recounts what has happened with the company during the past year.  Customers are not buying its vehicles like they need to keep the company afloat, particularly pick-ups and big SUVs.

Alan Mulally, the new Ford CEO, has thrown a big "hail Mary" pass to save the company.  No guarantees.  He hasn't sugar-coated the dire situation, nor has he whined about it.  There's no call for the government to bail the company out like the feds did with Chrylser.

This guy seems to be a leader with vision, skill and courage.  If he can pull Ford away from the edge, maybe he should be allowed to do it with the country.

Anybody agree?  Disagree?

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