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Rejecting the Holy Spirit on a gray day in mid-Michigan

Actually, I feel like I'm looking into the mouth of Satan when I go to this website, the Blasphemy Challenge. It seems to be a real challenge to readers to post a YouTube video where they renounce God by denying the existence of the Holy Spirit.

As this site says, the Bible is pretty clear that this is the one sin that God won't forgive. And, I know there are a whole lot of heart issues here to make a determination that somebody actually said "no" to the Holy Spirit. Some kid could say it just to be rebellious and not really understand what they're saying.

Nevertheless, this is serious stuff with eternal implications. Christians need to be aware that such sites exist. This is even more pernicious that a porn site.

While you're at this site, scroll down to the bottom and click on the link to End Christmas and for The God Who Wasn't There movie. This really brings the other side out into the open.

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