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Should the state of Michigan decriminalize adultery?

Just about everybody in Michigan has read the news stories about the State Court of Appeals saying that a criminal defendant can be charged with criminal sexual conduct if adultery was committed in the course of another felony.

My friend John at Native writes that state government is going overboard by declaring that adultery is illegal. He says government is inserting itself into areas where it shouldn't.

Is that true? A lot of people maintain that that is the case.

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Okay, say that the government is overstepping its bounds in this case.

Does that also mean that government oversteps with a law requiring marriage licenses? Should we abolish friend of the court offices? Divorce law? Should we allow gay marriage? Should we allow a man to have more than one wife? Do we allow a woman to have more than one husband?

Where's the line where the state has a right to get involved in someone's life? Where does it start and where does it end?