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Rejecting the Holy Spirit on a gray day in mid-Michigan

Time to get out the violins for underpaid substitute teachers in mid-Michigan?

Somedays, it seems hard to justify throwing out two quarters for the Lansing State Journal. But, local columnist John Schneider usually justifies half of the cost.

Take today for example, he writes about how substitute teachers in Lansing and mid-Michigan are paid a flat fee of $75 per day and how the subs feel that they're not getting paid what they're worth.

How much is a substitute worth? How does their pay compare to the daily pay of a regular classroom teacher? How does it compare to the pay of a private school teacher? Subs don't do lesson plans, right? Isn't that more than half the work in teaching?

I hope Schneider continues to report on this topic that affects lots of folks. More facts are needed though.

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