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To Michigan legislators: Don't forget that tax on services will come out of our pockets

Michigan's state budget is in big trouble. With less than nine months left in the fiscal year, the state is going to have to cut more than $800 million from the budget that supports everything from public schools to prisons to foster care.

This morning's Detroit Free Press has a story about a possible proposal to put a sales tax on services. Now it's only on the sale of non-food goods.

I hope that taxpayers demand to be heard on this. There should be a full debate that includes them. The implications for a tax on services is huge. Living in Michigan will continue to get more expensive. I'm not sure that's a good thing.

How many of our new legislators--term-limited--know how to engage their constituents in an important and ongoing discussion to get a sense for what they want?

A big part of a legislator's job is being an educator. They need to teach their constituents about the issues. Give them the facts. And, then listen.

Will that happen? I doubt it. But people still need to demand it.

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