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Day three: My lens implant repositioned itself after cataract surgery

Cataract patients: You need to know that lens implants can come loose; mine did

This past week and a half I noticed that my vision was getting worse. I couldn't figure it out. I went through a pretty comprehensive mental check list. Because of past cataracts and present glaucoma, my list is probably longer than most.

I would drive and I would notice a shadow version of the car in front of me. Then I would blink or move my head and it would be gone. I would be on the web reading an online newspaper or a blog post and it would fuzz out and then come back when I moved my head or blinked.

During the week I would take off my glasses and find some relief, but my vision lacked the detail that puts you in a comfort zone without straining my eyes.

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A couple months back I mentioned to my opthamologist that I felt eyestrain during the day. The staff optometrist checked my eyes and found that my prescription had changed very little. So I ignored it.

Then came this week. Yesterday, I phoned a buddy of mine who has glaucoma and has an experiential base with eye struggles. He encouraged me to get seen by an ophthalmologist to check for an eye pressure spike or anything else that could endanger my long-term vision.

I called my ophthamologist's office and both doctors were gone til next Thursday. Waiting was tempting. But, I knew it was a risk. I called the on-call doctor from another practice. And, I'm glad I did.

The lens implant in my right eye had come loose, according to the ophthalmologist who saw me. It would have only gotten worse with a bigger downward tilt. My vision would fuzz out more when that happened.

I am hoping to have the surgery to either move or replace it sometime next week.

My question: Are there any others out there who have had the same experience? What was the outcome? Any advice or insights?