Cataract patients: You need to know that lens implants can come loose; mine did
Today's surgery day: My ophthalmologist will replace lens implant in my right eye

Day three: My lens implant repositioned itself after cataract surgery

Late Friday afternoon, I discovered after examination by an ophthalmologist that the lens implant that I got after cataract surgery had relocated, using the term from the examining doctor.

It's day three since I learned this and I have noticed a steady deterioration in my vision. I'm having an increased difficulty in seeing things clearly. I voluntarily stopped driving until this is resolved.

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with an ophthalmologist to learn how and when this can be surgically corrected.

I've learned the importance of learning to ask the right questions in this kind of healthcare situation. As a result, I have been doing some online research. So far I've found one article from that seems to be useful.

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I fervently wish that doctors had the freedom to answer questions as you face these conditions that can affect your life in a very direct way.

Thinking about the possibility of losing my vision could send me into a distracting depression. However, I know that the prognosis for correcting this is good.

I have one possibly complicating factor. I have chronic open angle glaucoma.

I will continue to share what I learn about this in this blog.