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Finding encouragement to persevere in Michigan on a gray, frigid day

In Michigan, right now, it can be hard to find something to be encouraged about.

The weather is frigid to the point of being dangerous.  The ranks of the employed in the Great Lakes state are being thinned and thinned with less and less hope for those in the job market.

Our politicians seem like all they can do is blame the other side.  Headlines include more and more news about serious crime and about parents who beat and kill their children.

That's why I've changed my early morning routine.  I used to grab for my iBook and look at the morning's headlines.  First, the Detroit Free Press, then the Detroit News to be followed by the New York Times.

Now I hold church on my Lazy Boy couch.  While my wife gets ready for work, I go to the online Radio Bible Class where I click to their daily devotion, Our Daily Bread.  They've added another devotional by Dr. Joe Stowell called Daily Strength.  I usually meditate on both.

The nice thing is that you can click on the audio and have it read to you while you're reading the online copy.  For me that seems to open my doors to understanding a little quicker.

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Then, at least a couple times a week, I listen to the podcast from Dr. James McDonald and his Walk In The Word ministry.  He is also associated with RBC.

His topic on the podcast for today is finding Encouragement to Persevere.  It's hard to find a topic, right now, in Michigan or any other place that's more relevant.  I've listened to many of his podcasts and they seemed to be filled with substance that can be downloaded into your daily life.