Today's surgery day: My ophthalmologist will replace lens implant in my right eye
My ophthalmologist, Dr. Kevin Liu says he's hopeful about my right eye vision

My son's new blog: Oatmeal Stout -the Web 3.0 blog

I remember vividly when my son, Justin, and I, would sit on my lap in a spare bedroom getting to know a text-based version of the Net and then with the early AOL. He connected with it right away. Now more than a decade later, he's a web developer for a large government contractor.

He sees the social web. That's why he started his new blog--Oatmeal Stout--the Web. 3.0 blog. He's a 22-year-old thought leader. For the world-wide geek community, his new blog is worth checking out.

His last blog, the Confessions of An Undercover Geek, carried him through much of his undergraduate years at the Rochester Institute of Technology. There's lots of geek stuff mixed in with beer and movie reviews.

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