Day three: My lens implant repositioned itself after cataract surgery
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Today's surgery day: My ophthalmologist will replace lens implant in my right eye

For just about two weeks I have had some pretty severe challenges with my vision. I started seeing double, spots in my vision blurred, but it would get better depending on how I moved my head or blinked.

When I called my ophthalmologist to be checked, he and his partner were out of town. I was referred to an on-call person in another practice.

Today, I was finally examined by my eye doctor who identified what the others had said that my lens implant had shifted position and needed to be replaced. In about an hour, my wife will take me to the surgery center to have that done.

It sounds very fixable, but with some risks. Throughout this process, I've observed a ton and I want to process those observations for other baby boomers like myself who are experiencing some kind of chronic or acute problem that needs attention. I can see clearly that patients today need to be informed consumers. And, as healthcare changes that becomes more of a challenge.

I haven't eaten anything since last night and will come home with a fragile right eye that will need healing. No snow blowing, shoveling, lifting the dog or stuff like that for two weeks.

That I can manage. I want to keep my vision in as best shape as I can.

Right now, the main man in this is Dr. Kevin Liu of East Lansing. I really appreciated his patience in explaining exactly what happened to my eye and how he wanted to fix it.

I will be back with my observations, what I've learned.

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