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Can a proposed Michigan law stop or reduce bullying in public schools?

The state of Michigan is trying to get a handle of bullying in its public schools by passing law requiring local districts to get more aggressive with this destructive behavior.

Today's Lansing State Journal recounts testimony given at a state House Education Committee meeting where parents told about how their children were victims of bullies. One recipient of this behavior even took his own life.

After watching legislative reaction over the years to all kinds of behavioral problems, I have to wonder if such bills are considered to make the victims feel better, knowing that the laws will have little or no effect.

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For term-limited legislators in this state, it has become instinct for both political parties to try and solve any problem with a law.

Bills are drafted and introduced and hearings are held amid much media fanfare in the moment.

But, how much can human behavior be changed through state statute.

Are we going to have juvenile facilities are bullies? Isn't the answer in a big part with functioning families, moms and dads who take time with their kids and who know how to provide discipline them.

Bullying was around when I was in grade school in the late fifties and in high school in the sixties. It was existent before that, I'm sure.

Aren't we deluding parents of bullying victims and the victims themselves when we hold out statutes as a hope to solve the problem?