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Another sign of disarray in Michigan: State Supreme Court justices are fighting like kids

Comerica Bank headquarters move to Texas confirms Michigan's slide into obscurity

When's the bad news for Michigan going to stop?

For instance, the announcement that the number one bank in the state is moving its headquarters to Texas has to be a real shocker. Just about everybody in the know agrees that the bank's association with the city of Detroit and with Michigan is holding it back.

The symbolic importance of this move is incredible. The Detroit Tiger's home playing field is Comerica Park. The bank is a fixture in this state.

The Great Lakes State is in dire need of leadership. It doesn't seem to be getting it. There needs to be a debate of ideas on how to keep Michigan from sliding into oblivion.

All we've had up to this point is political pap that's designed by consultants and aimed at groups needed to win an election.

Perhaps we need a part-time legislature without term-limits. There might be more production from such a group. That's what they have in Texas and it worked for them.

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