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Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick starts to show some leadership in his city

For those of us living in outstate Michigan, it's way too easy to ignore the city of Detroit. The Motor City has been ignored by just about everybody including its own leaders.

Meanwhile, its people are suffering from wanton neglect by the rest of the state and those who live inside its borders.

Now comes a ray of hope with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who says that life for the average Detroiter has to change. He points to the level of crime and all the blood being shed in the city that used to be the crown jewel in the state. He says:

"This is us killing us. This is mostly African-Americans killing African-Americans and we, as a community, have to stop it now. Nobody's coming to save us."

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It's time for a city leader to get residents to take responsibility for themselves.

He needs to be encouraged and held accountable in what he has proposed.