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I wonder what my mom, Frieda M. Thorp (Moll), is doing in heaven today

As the years slip by after my mom's death, my memories of her seem to get more fuzzy and hazy.  She died 11 years ago today, a couple of hours before Palm Sunday.

That's why I want to take a few moments to remember her, the effect she had on my life and the legacy she left. 

Her life personified unconditional love, a persistence and drive that would not let her quit even in the toughest of times.  She was a single-mom who was driven to make a life for her only child, me, and for her self.

She was born in Michigan's Thumb in the early 1900's in a large farm family that included six brothers and five sisters, in addition to my grandmother and grandfather who I never knew.

Her parents died young which left the brothers and sisters to care for each other in an environment where there were no social services and where food and money was scarce.

The story of those years rivals anything written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Day to day life for them wasn't always pretty.  Brothers and sisters had diverse personalities and goals.

But, the Moll family brothers and sisters raised in Gagetown, MI did it.  Each raised their own families and as a group the extended family maintained their family network when odds were against them.

Because of my mom, I was given a chance that she never had.  My dad abandoned us, but I knew I was loved and I knew I had a purpose, a reason for living.

My dad never stayed in the game.  He went on to other relationships without ever looking back.

My mother never blinked.  She just kept looking ahead and didn't stop until 11 years ago today. 

I know she's in the heavenly stands cheering me and my family on.  She ran the race of life and won.

Thank-you God for my mother.

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