Turned upside down
Can a proposed Michigan law stop or reduce bullying in public schools?

Is government in Michigan kissing goodbye to freedom of information?

I've been gone for a couple of days to visit our son in the Washington D.C. area and woke up to find this Detroit Free Press editorial about the erosion of freedom of information at all levels of government.

Everybody knows about the feds and how they are scooping up gobs of personal info on individual citizens.  But what really surprised me was how the Michigan Legislature apparently has been busy ripping away at the state's freedom of information law.  The Detroit Free Press said:

"In Michigan, 25 new laws have been passed since 2001 affecting public access to government information. Much of what goes on in the office of the governor, legislators and the judiciary is also exempt from the state Freedom of Information Act."

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I'm really surprised.  I worked there as a staffer for much of that time and I don't recall legislation that fit that description.  I'm not doubting it though.

The implications of this closing of government to the people that it serves is huge.

You would have thought that Michigan news media, including the Michigan Press Association would have fought such action tooth and nail.

This deserves more discussion.

Anybody familiar with the 25 laws?