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Easter 2007 in Indianapolis with our family

Indymuseum_2I sense a pattern developing in our family holiday celebrations.  Thanksgiving with super-son in the Washington D.C. area.  Christmas at home in Lansing and Easter with super-daughter in Indy.

It's hard to put into words the special pride that comes with seeing your kids and knowing that they're fully-engaged in life and its various issues.

For our daughter, the Hoosier, this includes a garage door that won't open.  The inside cable broke and the two windows, one of each side are painted shut making easy entry almost impossible.

Two excursions while there stand out.  On Saturday night, we went to the Buca di BePeppo, a family-style Italian restaurant in downtown Indy.  We bought large plates of tortelloni and spaghetti marinara and a large plate of garlic bread.  All this served five people.  Food was really good.  Service was fantastic and the setting inside made for a fun eating experience.

The second experience was a Monday afternoon visit to The Children's Museum near downtown Indy.  We saw some great exhibits made with kids in mind.  Inside the museum, they recreated a rain forest with dinosaurs.  There were resident fossil experts for kids to talk to.